Yes, I have been taking a very long break from my own writing.

There are a bunch of people I owe replies to, going way back to February. I promise…

I've also written on this topic because I whole-heartedly agree.

I think the best point you made was the inclusion of Amber Heard's picture and caption, because Johnny Depp has caught a lot of flack, not just losing his contracts with Harry Potter and Pirates, but also to his reputation because of "unhinged" behaviors that were "proof of his abusive nature," but were actually evidence of his victimhood. Had Heard been the one overspending money and going off on various staff, we all would have felt sorry for her and admitted her behavior was indicative of deeper abuse. We collectively…

People who’ve read my previous work might remember that I wrote criticisms of feminism from the perspective of a woman who agreed with some of feminism’s premises but also observed its excesses. I’ve also written pieces arguing in favor of sensitive and vulnerable cis-gendered men, a group I feel is underrepresented and could also benefit from some of the core philosophies of feminism.

The Me You Know

My writing got thrown for a loop on November 14, 2018. I had been playing Starfinder, a tabletop role-playing game (the old paper-and-dice kind), and my description of my character was “Han Solo…

Stimulus checks are garnishable for child support arrears in the middle of the pandemic

Photo by Hidde van Esch on Unsplash

Apparently, if you owe child support, you can suffer through COVID in ways even tax evaders don’t have to. Your stimulus check will be applied to your back child support, and so will your spouse’s, if you file jointly. In the interest of “taking care of children,” the stimulus checks given by the federal government to deal with an unprecedented health crisis will go to everyone who filed for taxes in 2018 or 2019, except people who have child support arrears.

How is this not sexist and discriminatory???

First of all, the common nickname for people who owe back child…

Blue Check Marks rushin’

To accuse Tulsi Gabbard —

CRIME to promote peace!

If you like what I am writing and want to help support it, clap for my story…

Drink melts paper straw

Where was it recycled from?

Do I want to know???

If you like what I am writing and want to help support it, clap for my…

Pic with Trump’s head — good

Stranger makes meme where you die?

Hypocrisy is real!

If you like what I am writing and want to help support it, clap for…

If by “two or three” you mean almost every response you’ve made on the several articles you’ve written about this topic, then yes. I thought it was just a one-time thing and that your ideas were interesting if a bit misguided, but I guess it’s just who you are to lash out at anyone who attempts discourse with you.

Please also learn to be concise in your reading. I never made any allusion to your self-esteem, just your confidence in your “Latinx suffer more than African Americans” narrative.

Someone new to hate!

China is the new Russia —

Don’t disagree, tool!!!

If you like what I am writing and want to help support it, clap for my story…

Jenny Ian Asencio

Card-carrying nerd, rational feminist, spiritual observer, ally of free thinking and objectivity, Harvard student, power metal is life! Trans man, he/him prefd

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