A Long Break

Yes, I have been taking a very long break from my own writing.

There are a bunch of people I owe replies to, going way back to February. I promise those people that I didn’t just drop our discussions. Personal life has just dropped what

would call a “life grenade” upon me and I’m still processing it.

However, I have been getting a lot of comfort from reading and replying to others, which is why I am still lurking in the comments section. While I’ve not yet read

’s piece describing Medium as a community, I can definitely agree with the headline and thank that community for giving me things to think about beyond my personal life.

And as Arnie said in that movie that time, “I’ll be back.”



Jenny Ian Asencio

Card-carrying nerd, rational feminist, spiritual observer, ally of free thinking and objectivity, Harvard student, power metal is life!