I've also written on this topic because I whole-heartedly agree.

I think the best point you made was the inclusion of Amber Heard's picture and caption, because Johnny Depp has caught a lot of flack, not just losing his contracts with Harry Potter and Pirates, but also to his reputation because of "unhinged" behaviors that were "proof of his abusive nature," but were actually evidence of his victimhood. Had Heard been the one overspending money and going off on various staff, we all would have felt sorry for her and admitted her behavior was indicative of deeper abuse. We collectively gave Depp no such consideration because penis=bad. In the same vein, somehow, the fact that Asia Argento had sex with a 17 year old that she directed in a movie when he was 7 wasn't seen in the same light as Harvey Weinstein, and the idea that she may have groomed this man since working with him as a child is considered preposterous.

As I said already to Penguin, I think part of the "patriarchal society" trains men to have unhealthy views of themselves as victims, and have heard enough stories directly from vulnerable men about their experiences to know that the ones I've spoken to had a great deal of dissonance about their victimhood. It's just not okay for men to be vulnerable... and when they do dare to be, there's always some feminist like the ones in the rest of that cascade of hypocrisy to mock them for it (something a friend from Medium said resulted in "male silence," a concept which is underrated and ignored but absolutely a survival mechanism for all men, especially in this climate). I'd like to see this change, and that's been the thrust of about half of my own disagreements with feminism (the other half being your pantsuit-victimhood feminists who have no problem being misogynists when it suits them).

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